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sailing artwork for sale


Why a sailing painting can be valuable to you

The sailing painting you hang on your wall can encourage you: ​


  • it brings you pleasure and joy because it fascinates you and appeals to you emotionally and aesthetically

  • it refines the room because a unique piece brings with it an individual, pleasant ambience

  • it shows a character that fits your own personality

  • it brings the magic of the sea closer: the calm of the sea as well as the primal power. In addition, the sea also represents a certain freedom.

  • maybe the painting represents a piece of vacation for you

  • it could broaden your horizon, your view goes beyond the everyday

  • it can visually enlarge a room, the picture can act like a window with an exclusive sea view ​


A maritime painting can appeal to many sides and senses of the viewer and, through its colors and shapes, can lead them into a beautiful world. Let the wave carry you...




This maritime Collection...

large selection of vibrant sailing paintings, unique and many formats

... consists many maritime paintings of different sizes, which are predominantly colorful and lively. They have a lot of details and are mostly semi abstract. When I create a maritime artwork, there is usually music playing in my studio and I have been inspired by a nice walk by the sea. My emotions, which I connect with the impressions of the sea, play an important role in the way of create the painting, which colors and shapes I use. They are what give my paintings their vibrant character.

When you also feel captivated by the magic of the sea in this way, I hope you enjoy browsing and discovering the paintings.

If you are very interested in a theme, you can use the name, e.g.  enter “Seaside Rendezvous” in the search bar at the top right and find out if there are more paintings of your favourite theme, perhaps in different sizes and colors.

If a specific artwork size is of interest to you, you can easily filter the size category of your choice in the navigation on the left. With the "sorted by..." box on the right side you can sort by price, painting title or chronological publication.

Seascape artwork
of the month: JULY 2024


New arrival from my Studio:

Size 105 x 155 cm

Material: acrylic on canvas
The price : 2.670 USD

abstract large painting 043.jpg


colors for maritime paintings in the studio


all artworks have the signature of peter nottrott
Take a look at the pictures -


Whether wave, coast, sunset, wind, harbor or sailing boat, colorful and lively or rather calm, small, large or kingsize painting, vertical or horizontal, acrylic or oil paints, featured artworks... my maritime, large scale gallery is diverse. You are invited to dive in! You can also find out more about the artist Peter Nottrott including references - you can even use videos to take a look over my shoulder into my studio as I paint a picture. You can also get an overview of where the sold paintings have gone in the world. Finally, you can read my answers to frequently asked questions about the painting and the purchase process. Of course you are welcome to ask me your own question, too.

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